New Elhiem 1/72nd figures released

Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by Pog, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Pog

    Pog Junior Member

    Couldnt find a 'Modelling' section so I will stick it in here...

    These are the latest release from Elhiem figures...


    They represent Polish AK defence forces of the Warsaw Uprising.

    Check out their shop here...
  2. the_historian

    the_historian Pillboxologist

    I'm getting old; I can only think of "1/72 as " HO 00"....:eek:
    Nice set though.
  3. Owen

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    ah, just seen this thread .
    another member was telling me about his Taliban figures the other day .

    >> Iraq and Afghan

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