New CWGC Commemorations 9th Jan 2015

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    CWGC added the following casualties to its records today.

    All died at sea in the abortive SOE attack (Operation Boatswain) on Libyan oil facilities.

    Volunteers with Special Operations Executive
    Died 18.05.41
    Commemorated: Brookwood Memorial, Surrey, UK

    ARIEH, Gelbert
    COHEN, Mordehai
    EIZEN, Arieh
    GORDON, Jacob
    HANOVITZ, Sami
    HECKER, Isaac
    JACOBSON, Isaac
    KOPLER, Gershon
    KURAKIN, Menahem
    NAFHA, David
    NORDEN, Israel
    NURIEL, Abraham
    PAGLIN, Nerial
    PLONCHIK, Mordehay
    ROTMAN, Zeev
    SHOHET, Amiram
    SPECTOR, Zvi
    TEMES, Ariel
    UTCHITEL, Shimon
    VEIMAN, Ephraim
    WEISMAN, Haim
    YOFEH, Katriel
    ZERNER, Yehuda

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    good day, cwgc commorations 9th jan all who did not return.may they rest in peace.regards bernard85. :poppy: :poppy:
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