New CWGC Commemorations 6th July 2017

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    DUDDY, Michael
    Died 15.08.47 Age 15
    Reporting Authority: Omagh, Urban District, N. Ireland

    FAULKNER, Walter
    Died 10.06.45 Age 15
    Reporting Authority: Holderness, Rural District

    MAPLETOFT, Robert Amos Bertie
    Died 10.08.44 Age 10
    Reporting Authority: Grantham, Municipal Borough

    PARKER, Dennis (Age 8)
    TILLEY, Brian George (Age 12)
    TILLEY, Maurice Frank (Age 11)
    Died 08.08.44
    Reporting Authority: Melton and Belvoir, Rural District

    SMITH, Adam
    Died 30.10.45 Age 50
    Reporting Authority: Lewisham, Metropolitan Borough

    SMITH, Frank Charles
    Died 22.07.45 Age 13
    Reporting Authority: Bradford, County Borough

    STEVENSON, Cecil David
    Died 26.12.44 Age 10
    Reporting Authority: Loughborough, Municipal Borough


    The above were In From the Cold Project cases (Volunteer: Chris Harley)

    - Michael Duddy died when a discarded bomb exploded
    - Walter Faulkner was killed when a Piat shell exploded
    - Robert Mapletoft was killed when a hand grenade exploded
    - Dennis Parker and the Tilleys died when a mortar bomb exploded
    - Adam Smith died when a German incendiary bomb exploded
    - Frank Smith died when a mortar bomb exploded
    - Cecil Stevenson died when an American bomb exploded
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    Real shame about the Tilly brothers being killed in the same incident (assuming they were brothers).
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    Yes they were brothers and their father predeceased them.

    TILLEY, MAURICE FRANK Civilian 08/08/1944 11 Civilian War Dead United Kingdom MELTON AND BELVOIR, RURAL DISTRICT
    TILLEY, BRIAN GEORGE Civilian 08/08/1944 12 Civilian War Dead United Kingdom MELTON AND BELVOIR, RURAL DISTRICT
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