New CWGC Commemorations 5th Novemeber 2015

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    CWGC added the following WW2 civilians to the Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    WALLER, Winefriede
    Died 21.03.45 Age 57
    Killed when allied aircraft crashed into building
    Reporting Authority: Denmark

    SORINA, Jack
    Died 05.04.45 Age 36
    Died in concentration camp
    Reporting: Authority: Czechoslovakia

    PIRIE, Wallace Glendaye
    Died 21.01.44
    Died in Japanese internment camp
    Reporting Authority: Hong Kong

    TOWNEND, Hubert Charles Henry
    Died 26.08.43 Age 47
    Died as passenger in Royal Navy aircraft
    RICHARDS, Robert George
    Died between 01.10.42 and 31.10.42
    Died as passenger in RAF aircraft due to enemy action
    GADD, Arthur George
    Died 26.08.43 Age 39
    Died as passenger in Royal Navy aircraft
    Reporting Authority: Air Crashes at Sea


    The above were In From the Cold Project cases.
    (Volunteer: Chris Harley)
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