New CWGC Commemorations 3rd June 2015

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    The following were added to the WW2 Civilian Roll of Honour today. Volunteer: Terry Denham unless otherwise stated)

    CHANDLER, Arthur John Charles
    Died 14.05.44 Age 16
    Killed when tanks accidentally shelled Steyning, Sussex
    Reporting Authority: Horsham, Rural District
    (Volunteer: Chris Harley)

    GROOKE, Thomas
    Died 11.06.40 Age 57
    Shot by army sentry
    Reporting Authority: Thirsk, Rural District

    GROVES, Rev. Thomas Lawrence Hamilton
    Died 20.08.41 Age 67
    Shot by army sentry
    Reporting Authority: Blyth, Rural District

    JEFFS, Doreen Gertrude Mary Rowley
    Died 17.11.40 Age 26
    Shot by army sentry while travelling in vehicle
    Reporting Authority: St. Austell, Urban District

    MacDONALD, John Henry
    Died 02.06.40 Age 57
    Shot by army sentry whilst on motor-cycle
    Reporting Authority: Blackpool, County Borough

    McFARLANE, Annie
    Died 01.06.40 Age 39
    Shot by sailor accidentally while working on naval base
    Reporting Authority: Greenock, Burgh of, Scotland

    PENDERS, James
    Died 01.10.42 Age 64
    Accidentally shot by Lewis gun during cleaning
    Reporting Authority: Derby, County Borough

    RICHES, Chester Keebles
    Died 21.05.42 Age 53
    Shot by accident after straying into army exercise area
    Reporting Authority: Ipswich, County Borough

    RUSSELL, Mary Hazel
    Died 04.08.42 Age 11
    Killed by bullet fired from RAF aircraft
    Reporting Authority: Basingstoke, Rural District
    (Volunteer: Chris Harley)

    STEVENS, George
    Died 30.07.40 Age 64
    Shot by army sentry
    Reporting authority: Perth County, Scotland

    THOMAS, Trevor John
    Died 25.09.39 Age 6
    Killed when RAF practice bomb fell through house roof
    Reporting Authority: Oxford, County Borough

    PARSONS, Clara
    Died 04.07.45 Age 37
    Shot by US Army sentry
    Reporting Authority: Cambridge, Municipal Borough

    VAUGHAN, Joseph Henry
    Died 02.06.40 Age 20
    Shot by army sentry whilst travelling in a car
    Reporting Authority: Romford, Municipal Borough

    WARDELL, Mary
    Died 15.09.40 Age 25
    Shot by army sentry
    Reporting Authority: Scarborough, Municipal Borough


    The above were In From the Cold Project cases.
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