New CWGC Commemorations 30th June 2016

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    AYLMER, Louis Richard (Aged 61)
    DAVIES, Emrys (Aged 54)
    Died 23.04.44
    LE BOUTILLIER, Frank Archibald
    Died 14.12.43 Aged 64
    Reporting Authority: France

    RAYNAUD, Evelyn
    Died 12.09.44 Aged 63
    NATHAN, Arthur Aged 52
    Reporting Authority: Germany

    DONNELLY, Thomas James Bernard
    Died 12.12.41
    Reporting Authority: Java

    FORSHAW, George (Aged 60)
    FLEMING, Thomas Russell (Aged 31)
    Died 11.12.41
    WALSH, Joseph Michael
    Died 31.07.45 Aged 31
    Reporting Authority: Australia

    COWLAM, Edward
    Died 14.05.44 Aged 7 hours
    Reporting Authority: China

    Died 14.05.44 Aged 84
    Reporting Authority: Netherlands


    The above were in In From the Cold Project cases: (Volunteer: Chris Harley unless stated otherwise)
    - Those in France, China and Germany died in internment camps
    - Those in Australia were killed when struck by RAAF aircraft (Volunteer: Dave Barlow)
    - Mr Donnelly was killed by Japanese forces in Kumang, Thailand (Volunteer: Dave Barlow)
    - Mrs Moscow-Poorten died in Westbork Deportation Camp
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    Cheers Chris - that was incredibly quick, thanks for everything you have done. It is somewhat gratifying to see these losses being recognised by the CWGC

    Now that I am back from my travels I will put some effort into the remaining names.



    DONNELLY, Thomas James Bernard

    FORSHAW, George (Aged 60) / FLEMING, Thomas Russell (Aged 31)

    WALSH, Joseph Michael
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