New CWGC Commemorations 30th August 2018

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    APPLEYARD, Robert John
    Died 06.09.44 Age 15 months
    Reporting Authority: Daventry, Municipal Borough

    BURROWS, George
    Died 12.03.43 Age 80
    Reporting Authority: Cheltenham, Rural District

    DIMOND, Robert James
    Died 09.12.42 Age 64
    Reporting Authority: Bristol, County Borough

    HAWORTH, Hannah
    Died 09.08.44 Age 55
    Reporting Authority: Blackpool, County Borough

    MOORS, Hannah Maria
    Died 12.12.40 Age 74
    Reporting Authority: Kidderminster, Municipal Borough

    MORGAN, Michael
    Died 07.06.43 Age 10
    Reporting Authority: Wrexham, Rural District

    REDCAR, Hannah Georgianna
    Died 09.07.41 Age 53
    Reporting Authority: Downham, Rural District

    TAYLOR, Derrick
    Died 02.01.41 Age 10
    Reporting Authority: Sedgefield, Rural District


    The above were In From the Cold Project cases. (Volunteer: Terry Denham)
    - Robert Appleyard was killed by a bullet from a military aircraft
    - George Burrows was killed by a bullet from a military aircraft
    - Robert Dimond was killed by a ricochet bullet
    - Hannah Haworth was killed by a bullet from a military aircraft
    - Hannah Moors was killed by a falling AA shell
    - Michael Morgan was killed when an anti-tank shell exploded
    - Hannah Redcar was killed by a bullet from a military aircraft
    - Derrick Taylor was accidentally shot in an army billet
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    Never realised being killed by bullets from aircraft was such a common occurrence. Makes sense I suppose - bullets have to come down somewhere. Real shame about the baby (Robert Appleyard).
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