New CWGC Commemorations 26th September 2020

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    KINGSLAND, Allan Harold
    Died 29.09.40 Age 16
    Reporting Authority: S.S. Arizona

    RODDEN, Albert
    Died 17.04.42 Age 28
    Reporting Authority: Ballyclare, Urban District, Northern Ireland

    One of the above Civilian War Dead was an In From the Cold Project case (Volunteer: Terry Denham)
    - Albert Rodden was killed when a machine gun on a US Army vehicle was discharged accidentally during a traffic incident.

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    Poor Rodden ! What are the chances of that ! Did it say what vehicle ? I’ve mailed you a few more possibilities
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    Nothing received on my e mail Jon
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    There are several of newspaper articles about the shooting, inquest, collection taken up among the US troops, US Army Court Martial & some sort of legal action taken by Albert's widow in 1945. An American Army sergeant, William ?Clipahara was found not guilty of manslaughter at a US Courts Martial.
    Results for 'albert rodden' | British Newspaper Archive
    I can see index only for these and best that says is "armoured Car" or "Scout Car".
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    Ah a white scout car then . Chris , I’ll send again

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