New CWGC Commemorations 25th February 2017

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 War Dead Roll today.

    All were members of the Canadian Merchant Navy who died on 26.11.41 when S.S. Crusader was torpedoed in the Atlantic. All are commemorated on the Halifax Memorial, Canada.

    BRADSHAW, Robert (Radio Officer)
    CARRIERE, Armand (Fireman)
    GAMELIN, Ernest (Fireman)
    GODIN, Ralph (Able Seaman)
    HENDERSON, Reginald (Third Engineer)
    HOROWITZ, Oskar (Fireman)
    L’ABBE, Arthur (Fireman)
    LAIRD, Robert (Utility Boy)
    LISTER, William (Able Seaman)
    MEDDIN, Theodore (Fireman)
    MOON, James (Oiler)
    PORTAL, Bernard (Oiler)
    SHARP, George (Ordinary Seaman)
    SPARKS, Lloyd (Fireman)
    SYLVESTER, Albert (Steward)
    THERIAULT, Maurice (Messman)


    The above were In From the Cold Project cases. (Volunteer: Chris Harley)
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