New CWGC Commemorations 23rd December 2016

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    CWGC added the following casualties to the WW2 Civilian War Dead Roll today.

    BRINDLEY, Harry Age 40
    WHITE, Jack Age 23
    Died 23.11.40
    Reporting Authority: Sheffield, County Borough

    DONNELLY, Daniel
    Died 14.02.43 Age 13
    Reporting Authority: Cookstown, Rural District, N. Ireland

    DORRANS, Thomas Harrison
    Died 13.03.44 Age 42
    Reporting Authority: Ballymoney, Rural District, N. Ireland

    DUNSDEN, Daniel
    Died 12.09.40 Age 63
    Reporting Authority: Cambridge, Municipal Borough

    EADY, Arthur Edward Age 25
    NICHOLSON, Arthur George Age 23
    Died 20.11.39
    Reporting Authority: Fareham, Urban District

    LLOYD, John Noel
    Died 08.02.42 Age 9
    Reporting Authority: Birmingham, County Borough

    MURRAY, Thomas Barr
    Died 17.04.46 Age 11
    Reporting Authority: Larne, Rural District, N. Ireland

    MURRAY-HARRIS, John William
    Died 13.03.43 Age 13
    Reporting Authority: Woking, Urban District


    The above were In From the Cold Project cases.
    The Volunteer for all was Terry Denham
    - Messrs Brindley and White died when a chimney was brought down by barrage balloon cable
    - Daniel Donnelly died when an anti-tank shell exploded
    - Thomas Dorrans died when a discarded bomb exploded
    - Daniel Dunsden was killed when he was entangled in a barrage balloon cable
    - Messrs Eady and Nicholson died when their civilian aircraft struck a barrage balloon
    - John Lloyd was killed when a cannon shell exploded
    - Thomas Murray was killed when an anti-tank shell exploded
    - John Murray-Harris was killed when a hand grenade exploded
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