New CWGC Commemoration, Civilian ,Ivor Francis Charles Godwin-Monck 21st June 2018

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    Finally received this today from CWGC.
    First reported in 2012

    Full story here Ivor Godwin-Monck: Casualty 6/12/40

    After carefully considering the evidence and documentation that you had submitted, I am pleased to confirm that The Commonwealth War Graves Commission will now be adding the details of Ivor Francis Charles Godwin-Monck to our Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour 1939-1945.

    I would like to thank you for your patience over the past six years whilst this case was investigated and for your continued interest in the commemoration of Ivor Godwin-Monck.

    Your submission had been delayed while we attempted to clarify his service within the RAF along with the circumstances surrounding his death. This had been complicated by the short space of time between his admission to Barrowmore Sanatorium, his discharge from the RAF, and his subsequent death.

    The documentary evidence that you had provided, however, allowed this case to progress to a successful conclusion. In particular, the hospital admissions register from Cheshire Archives helped to clarify the situation and, when combined with the other sources you provided, helped to confirm that he should be commemorated by the Commission.

    As such, I will now pass the details of Ivor Godwin-Monck to our records department who will make the necessary arrangements for his name to be included on our online Casualty Database. His name will also be added, in due course, to the bound Rolls of Honour that are held within Westminster Abbey and are the permanent commemoration for Second World War Commonwealth civilian casualties.

    I hope that this news proves welcoming and, again, thank you for your continued interest in the commemoration of Ivor Godwin-Monck.
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    Great Job.
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    Nice one
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    Died 06/12/1940

    Aged 21

    Civilian War Dead

    Son of Herbert Henry and Winifred Florence Godwin-Monck, of 18 Grove Avenue, Muswell Hill, Middlesex. Injured 29 November 1940, at Barrowmore Hall, Great Barrow; died at Royal Infirmary.
    Reporting authority CHESTER, COUNTY BOROUGH
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    18 Grove Avenue , Wood Green M.B., Middlesex
    Terence O'Sullivan 06 Jun 1902 Incorporated Accountant
    Hubert H Godwin-Monck 03 Oct 1887 Railway Clerk
    W F Godwin-Monck 19 May 1890 Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.

    St Pancras Cemetery:

    Of your charity pray for
    Ivor Francis Godwin-Monck R.A.F.
    Died by enemy action Dec. 6 1940
    aged 21
    and his mother
    Winifred Florence
    died July 8 1957
    aged 67
    and his father
    Herbert Henry Godwin-Monk
    who died November 20th. 1978
    aged 90.
    Tho absent they are ever near
    Still loved, missed & ever dear.
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    Well done Clive :salut:
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    Great work, well done Clive.


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