New CWGC Commemoration 16th November 2010

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    CWGC added the following casualty to its WW2 Civilian War Dead database today.

    Jane HAINING
    Died between 15.07.44 and 31.07.44 Age 47
    Reporting Authority: Germany


    This is an IFCP case (Volunteer: Chris Harley)

    Jane Haining died in Auschwitz Concentration Camp and her story can be read here

    BBC News - Holocaust heroine Jane Haining honoured by PM
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  2. Ron Goldstein

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    A life well worthy of all our admiration and infinite respect.

    The BBC report included this:
    Jane Haining was gassed to death after being detained by the Gestapo, accused of political activity, helping Jews and of listening to the BBC.

    The gas chambers that the revisionists would have us believe never existed.

    Lest we forget.

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    Excellent work, RIP Jane

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    The National Wallace Monument has a Hall of Heroes which contains busts of prominent Scottish men. For the first time a woman will be included. There is a shortlist of 14 and people are invited to vote on their preference. I have chosen Jane Gaining as she paid the ultimate price in protecting others. A true heroine. Please go to National Wallace Monument website and vote for her.
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    Thanks Owen for including the link. I had a sudden crisis and had to dash. (Tatties boiling over).

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