New Book-the Fourth Battle of Kharkov

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    Greetings all,

    I am a young reseacher of the Waffen SS and have recently published my first ebook, covering the actions fo the SS Panzer divisions in the Kharkov-Bogodukhov environs, August 1943.

    It reads like a war-diary, with the narrative supported by maps, archival material, photographs and portrait shots of the protagonists. The primary narrative follows Das Reich, Totenkopf and Wiking.

    The link:

    The book retails for $8.99, I feel the photos themselves are worth the price.
    Attached are some photos and documents in the book;

    Thanks, Kon

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    Good luck with the book.
    I like the photo of the infantrymen.
    Wasn't until I zoomed in that I saw the Tiger.
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    Hello, thanks!
    Yes, that picture is a hidden gem from the Polish archive, Heer troopers close to Belgorod, early Aug 1943. The Tiger is for the attentive!

    Though overshadowed by Kursk, 3rd Battle of Kharkov and the Mius fighing, there were 3 weeks of ferocious fighting in Aug 1943 to the north/north east of Kharkov.

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