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    For my battlefield tours on Operation Veritable, I am looking for more information about a unit that was stationed in the Gennep area. A small monument has been established for this unit.

    The monument on the Zwarteweg in Milsbeek (municipality of Gennep) is a concrete memorial stone with the weapon of the 2nd British Army (a cross on a coat of arms), the number of their part (707) and the weapon of the Royal Corps of Pioneers. A black memorial plaque has been placed in the middle for the stone. The memorial stone is 1 meter 30 high and 4 meters wide.
    The text on the arms of the Royal Corps of Pioneers reads:

    The text on the memorial plate reads:

    Can someone tell me where this unit belonged, what was their task, how long have they been in the Gennep area, are there pictures of this unit anywhere.
    Every help or presence is super valued.

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    The Pioneers were essentially 'labour' units so they were amost certainly working under the direction of Royal Engineers units.

    There is a published history for the corps but the best bet would be to have a word with one of our war diary copyists - Drew5233 or Psywar.

    Looks like there might be a twist in that they were German:

    707 | The National Archives

    That's just one of the possible hits...
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    A brief explanation from the Pioneer Corps Newsletter of April 2017.


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