Need help finding my Grandas Service Records

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    Hi, first time on this site. To date ive had no luck in finding anything re my granda during WW2. While he was alive he didnt like to talk about his time during the war. I did get small bits and pieces out of him. So heres what I know from what he told me.
    He served in The British Army, he landed at normandy. He told me about the Russians liberating Auswitz but stated he arrived there shortly after while it was still being liberated. He was in an army hospital in Belfast while it was bombed.
    I would love to find out more about where he was what he did, his regiment etc. Not sure where to start. Everywhere I have looked so far on the internet has produced no results.
    So any help would be greatly recieved

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    A look through this forum will produce a large number of requests for information on service personnel, unlike WW1 there is very little public information out there for WW2 service personnel, except for some information on subscription genealogical sites.

    The ONLY piece of advice we can give is to obtain a copy of the individual’s service records from the MOD.

    Researchers should bear in mind that although the individual may be recorded as serving in one unit or another at a particular time, it was not unknown for service personnel to be transferred between battalions or regiments so you need to be sure you research the correct unit.

    Unless you are unlucky, service records will give a timeline showing units, promotions (and demotions!), embarkation/disembarkation dates, award entitlements, hospitalisations (although not medical records) etc etc.. This will enable further research via the relevant unit’s war diaries or other sources of information thereby building a complete and accurate picture of their service.

    The process for obtaining records can be found here: Service records

    Also worth using this forum’s search facility, once you are sure when and where they served. Most importantly it is useful to know what records/sources have already been investigated – that will save a lot of fruitless searches.

    Good luck.
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