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    I would appreciate help with this: in the Navy List there are quite a number of RNVR Lt (Sp) listed. I know that some were in naval Intelligence, but a Lieutenant J A Mann is listed as Lt (Sp) Royal Arthur. I see that Royal Arthur was a training establishment, mainly for 'other ranks', based at a former holiday camp at Skegness. Doesn't seem like 'intelligence' to this old salt, any thoughts please?
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    Have been looking through Navy Lists Vol 1 Feb 1944 - nothing in the front showing (Sp) in any of the abbreviations/index sections - can you upload the image and say what year it was, the abbreviations may vary between years


    Hmm even the Help page here doesn't help - Royal Navy (RN, RNR & RNVR) - help page
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    My understanding, and I may well be wrong, is that all RNVR officers were allocated to the Special Branch, regardless of what type of job they were doing, unless they were Seaman or Engineering Branch Officers.


    Edit: Add Air, Medical and Paymaster Branches.
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    Just remembered this thread - Ian Fleming's rank

    He was still Lieutenant (Sp) RNVR when he was in France in June 1940

  5. The Abbreviations for the RNVR list on page 352 of the June 1944 Navy List say that L (Sp) stands for Lieutenant (Special Branch). Idem for L Cr (Sp) or S L (Sp)


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    Thanks chaps.

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