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    I am writing a series of articles based on the experiences of National Servicemen who served 'overseas' and were awarded the General Service Medal, for an on-line military magazine. So far, the magazine has published two of my own articles + one on Kenya+ one on Malaya.
    If possible, I would like to hear from any National Servicemen who served in the following 'hot-spots'; Palestine: Korea:Aden: Malaya: Canal Zone:Cyprus;Aden who are prepared discus their experiences and for me to write and publish them.

    Thank you,
    Roger R Brown
    Ex.Royal Signals Cyprus 1957-59
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    I can't directly help, I'm afraid, but given that you were in Cyprus in the late-50s, are you able to tell me anything at all about 'Whites Camp'?

    My grandfather was there with 3 Inf Div HQ in 1951, but I'm drawing blanks.

    Sorry to derail the topic--but at least this will bump the thread to the top again!
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    In response to Charlie F's request; regrettably I have no knowledge of 'White's Camp'; however, I found the 'post' by timuk very interesting as I went (heavily escorted by 'Ferret' armoured cars) to Kyrenia for a weeks leave.

    Roger R Brown
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