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  1. This might be of interest to people here. I've just discovered that the National Archives of the UAE have freely-downloadable digital versions of thousands of documents that are only available in paper at the UK National Archives in Kew.

    I don't know how many (or even if any) are related to WW2, but I thought it worth sharing. Here's the link:
    Arabian Gulf Digital Archive
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    Dear Russell, thank you so much for posting this up, a fantastic resource.

    Currently working my way through FCO 8/1862 (downloaded from same) "Military assault by South Yemen against armed forces of Oman"

    A real memory jogger, and sits very well with a tome I dug out of storage only this week.

    Kind regards, and again thank you.

    Always remember, never forget,


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    This is a good resource. Picked up a few post-war documents on Chindits that went on to serve in the Arab Legion. Nothing amazing, but useful nevertheless.
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    Known as " Arabian Gulf Digital Archive Project " in Kew Annual Report 2019-20 and in minutes. Thanks for posting.

    It is very generous of the UAE to make the files available to all.

    Downloaded a picture of "Two RAF single-engine Pioneer aircraft side by side on the sands of the Liwa". Taken in 1958.

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  5. Thanks for that extra nugget of information.

    I'm really pleased that people found it useful :)
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