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Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyDick, Aug 7, 2004.

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    Just a brief post to ascertain whether the RAAF and RAN generally only named the medals and NOT the campaign stars awarded to their personnel, whereas the Aust. Army named all their stars & medals.

    I have seen a number of groups to the RAN/RAAF where the stars are unnamed, and the sellers often state that this is in line with RAN/RAAF policy. Equally, I have seen RAAF and RAN (officer) groups where every medal was officially named, so perhaps this policy was just inconsistent?

    Essentially, I am wondering whether groups with unnamed stars and named War/Defence/ASM are comlete and as issued, or whether anonymous medals have been added to a split group in subsequent years.

    Cheers for any information,

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    on the same point...I've and been offered an air crew europe that was dated and this the norm?
  3. Originally posted by markinbelfast@Aug 7 2004, 01:43 PM
    on the same point...I've and been offered an air crew europe that was dated and this the norm?
    In a word "No",If the ACE is named & dated to a UK Airman then it must have been done privately~Boots & other Companies offered a naming service immediately post War,I must admit I am always dubious of Purported Groups of Australian Medals containing both named & unamed medals{& African Groups too!}various reasons are given usually the Vendors,to "convince" the prospective buyers,the trouble is with Papers available it must be very easy to "Complete" a broken group by adding unamed Stars~ I am afraid I would required proven documentation,the only conceivable reason for such an issue would be if the relevant Stars were qualified for whilst actually serving with the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force[As opposed to RAN/RAAF],& the Medals were subsequently issued from those UK Record Offices,as opposed to Australian RO,who then issued the Medals earned for Australian Forces Service..

    There was a well known Collector who sadly died in the eighties @ a young age whose Collection of WW2 Groups contained many named Medals & Stars;it was his practice to name the Groups as they came into his possession,so they wouldnt become "Split" or Anonymous,a practice not enthusiastically shared with much of the Collecting Fraternity when they were later disposed of after his passing;as they became very difficult to Sell.
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    Cheers, Harry-Roger-Bernard-Henson-Betts,

    I too share your doubts about such groups and have yet to receive concrete evidence that different branches of services had differing naming policies (although in the 19thC the Navy rarely engraved Crimea/Baltic/China campaign medals as routine - suppose to awkward to arrange naming for those at sea). It may very well be true, but as stated it is also a way of making up broken groups - although at least it doesn't lead to the naming of indistinguishable duplicate medals.


    I have seen a number of WW2 British groups that have been privately named. Many are unusual (aside from their style) since they include a full first name; and one that has dates inscribed could be a momento or done to commemorate one KIA etc. (Have a look at a lot of WW2+ named US medals - the US stopped official engraving for most LSGC medals etc. at this time - and those privately engraved by recipients occasionally contain other info. (date of award, service etc.).)


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