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  1. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    I have been sorting through my photos of all my local men and have noticed just how many I have got that are of low quality. Personally I think a box brownie could take a better photo than some of them so I am reaching out to all the wonderful, generous and helpful people of this group (grovel grovel lol) in the hope that you may be able to help me acquire much better hi-res close up photos of my list of wants. There will be a later post for Cemeteries, but this one is specifically for Memorials all over the world. I realise that some of the listed Memorials are for WW1 casualties, but I find that most are close to WW2 Cems and Mems, so have included them anyway.

    I only have time to list the Memorials themselves for now, but will add names to each one in time, or if someone offers.

    Alamein Memorial
    Athens Memorial
    Bayeux Memorial
    Cassino Memorial
    Chatby Memorial
    Dunkirk Memorial
    Groesbeek Memorial
    Haidar Pasha Memorial
    Helles Memorial
    Jerusalem Memorial
    La Ferte sous Jouarre Memorial
    Le Touret Memorial
    Lee on Solent Memorial
    Liverpool Naval Memorial
    Lone Pine Memorial
    Loos Memorial
    Lowestoft Naval Memorial
    Medjez el Bab Memorial
    Menin Gate Memorial
    Mikra Memorial
    Nieuport Memorial
    Ploegsteert Memorial
    Portsmouth Naval Memorial
    Rangoon Memorial
    Runnymede Memorial
    Sai Wan Memorial
    Savona Memorial
    Singapore Memorial
    Soissons Memorial
    Tyne Cot Memorial
    Villers Bretonneux Memorial
    Vimy Ridge Memorial
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  2. RCG

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  3. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    I can do Cassino Memorial names if that helps. I will be there with a group 24-27 Aug 17.


  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

  5. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    I need hi resolution photos of individual names from each of these places. I have all the panel photos.
  6. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    You give me the names and I will get you the photos from Cassino Memorial.

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  7. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Thanks Frank. I know that Memorial is a bugger to get a good photo from, especially high up, because of the patterning of the stone it is made out of. The 6 names I have are as follows

    Panel 6 - Atkin, GW - Green Howards
    Panel 4 - Bullimore, CA - Coldstream Guards
    Panel 4 - Dawkes, T - The Queens Royal Regiment
    Panel 13 - Lambord, C - REME
    Panel 2 - Lilley, J - Royal Artillery
    Panel 10 - Warner, OW - North Staffs Regiment

    If your camera has a good zoom I would appreciate each name central in 5 - 7 lines.

    I also have 2 names in Cassino War Cemetery

    XVIII. H. 17 - Munday, GW
    II. E. 1 - Hughes, R

    Are you visiting any other Cemeteries as I have names at many of the larger ones throughout Italy?

    I have photos requirements/needs at the Savona Memorial and the following Cemeteries

    Adagem Canadian War Cemetery
    Ancona War Cemetery
    Anzio War Cemetery
    Arezzo War Cemetery
    Beach Head War Cemetery
    Coriano Ridge War Cemetery
    Faenza War Cemetery
    Gradara War Cemetery
    Meldola War Cemetery
    Minturno War Cemetery
    Moro River Canadian War Cemetery
    Naples War Cemetery
    Padua War Cemetery
    Salerno War Cemetery
    Sangro River War Cemetery
    Staglieno Cemetery
    Syracuse War Cemetery
    Taranto War Cemetery
    Udine War Cemetery

    but only if your passing :peepwalla: :salut:
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  8. bucklt

    bucklt Bucklt

    Greetings Temptage (just read your post).

    Am more-than-happy to provide images from the Jerusalem, Rangoon, Singapore and Sai Wan Memorials.
    Feel free to contact me directly via: nt872b(at) with your requests.

    Tony :poppy:
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  9. temptage

    temptage Who said this would be easy?

    Thanks Tony. I will contact you soon with a list of men buried at various Cemeteries that you have completed. I already have general panel shots for each man, but for my project I really need close up hi-res photos of each individual name on a Memorial.
  10. bucklt

    bucklt Bucklt

    I can provide images of all the grave markers and close-ups of all the names-on-memorials. Regarding the latter; I'm a passionate believer in taking close-ups of all the names on our war memorials and continuously encourage others to do likewise.
    Awaiting your lists in due course.

    Tony :poppy:
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  11. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    Will be at Salerno on 8-11 Sep 17 with a group if that helps.



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