Mystery vehicle marking in Denmark

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    Nick Thomas of (and with an excellent Flickr site) found the attached picture in a Danish archive. It shows a Ford WOT2 outside the Palads Teatret in Copenhagen in May 1945.

    The vehicle marking seems very strange. I have never seen this AoS number [7] before, and it looks too big. It seems to me that it carries the white bar of a Corps Troops unit as well as the white bar of an Army Group Troops unit. There appears to be a mobilisation number in the middle, but unfortunately this is too small to decipher.

    I have a suspicion that this strange marking might be related to the fact that the SHAEF Mission to Denmark was in existence at the time. Could it be that SHAEF/British vehicles carried these bars? Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

    I also attach two other pictures of vehicles carrying strange markings. These lack an AoS number, and were carried by some vehicles carrying food supplies to Paris in 1944. Can anyone explain these markings?

    Dave img003.jpg Img001.jpg Img002.jpg
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    The argument for the first one being an Army Group is that you can make out a 'cross on shield' on the other mudguard. However, the crossed swords of 21 aarmy Group aren't obvious.

    Could we be looking at markings associated with Line of Communication' units? My only point of reference at the moment is the double or divided white bar over the AoS as a distinctive marking of the BEF's LoC units in 1940. The two lower photos seem to show large RASC lorries which would be likely candidates for LoC duties. An Army Group-like shield without swords might also make sense in the context of a non-fighting formation.

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