My trip in the UK, March 2019

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    So does pheasant and pigeon - the buggers are quick on their feet so you need really sharp driving skills to get 'em.
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    Perhaps I will reserve judgement on those game birds and try them again some other day.
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    Day 6 and 7 - well you can see for yourself at

    I should emphasize just how wonderful looking through just one of the City of London Yeomanry photo albums was. There were some great photos that I recognized, such as one in which a Crusader tank kicks up lovely clouds of dust as it drives to the left. (A great "action shot"!) But Dan Taylor says they have thousands of pictures. He hopes to write a multi-volume series about the regiments during WW2.

    Thanks to everyone here for their advice which contributed to my trip. Honestly it was one of the best weeks of my life.
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