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    Hey all,

    I've been working on a little mod to make the camouflage of British tanks in WoT more historically accurate, at least the colours. I've done this based on Mike Starmer's paint chips... if there are any mistakes I would say they are my fault, not his. Although it does raise some questions... in '39-40 was British disruptive camouflage truly so low contrast? What was the point? I admit that I tweaked the colour values of khaki green and light green to provide a bit more contrast.

    I've also added some substitute emblems for some British armoured divisions, although really these should be on the hull and not on the turrets. (I wonder if I can tweak that?) Instructions are also included to make one of these replace the Union Jack emblem. Currently they replace some recently awarded emblems.

    This also changes the default British emblem from white/red/white stripes (used in Operation Crusader) to red/white/red.






    You can download the mod here:

    To install it, unzip the files into the sub-folder of res_mods for the current patch. For instance, for now the patch is 9.20 and inside my World of Tanks game folder there is a res_mods sub folder, and inside that a sub folder. If extracted properly this should put a "gui" and a "scripts" subfolder into

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