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    Gentlemen. Attached is a photograph of my grandfather (far left) during WW2. My family and I have very little details about John 'Jack' Jarvis and his involvement in the war, we believe he served in the commando's. I was hoping someone here would be able to dissect the photo into more detail.
    He survived the war although injuried at some point (unknown),never mentioning WW2 to family members, only telling my uncle about a time he drove around in a jeep with a baby piglet.

    Any information would be really welcomed. Many thanks. Alex
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    As with all queries as yours is, we always state that you need to obtain his service records and they will confirm what units (regiments) he was with, when he was with them and where in the world.
    The link to download the forms from the MOD is Request records of deceased service personnel without these you will effectively be playing a guessing game.

    To dissect anything from the photo will be difficult due to the quality of the image, however other members here are specialitsts in certain units so may be able to shed some light on the subject

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    Hi Alex,

    Good luck with your search..... advice from TD above is spot on, would likely be repeated by others, and should be well worth it.

    A few of us may be able to help with some related info in the meantime if you were to provide a few basic facts (or at least best guesstimates) re his birth, marriage & death (location / year), parents / siblings names etc.

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