My grandfather - in REME uniform - riding a big cat statue

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  1. Okay, we've managed to find my grandfather's release papers (I think that's what they are).

    He was in 4th Armoured Workshop (REME), leaving in 1947.
    The BAOR Locations site has this to say:

    "The Workshop stayed briefly at Diepholz, Walsrode, Verden, Bremen and Hamburg. It was disbanded in Hamburg in 1947."

    There are no finer-grained details than that. I'm struggling to find the war diaries for that unit elsewhere...
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    I need to consult my good friend Historic Steve before giving a considered reply.

    I am not the author of the article you quote which is mainly concerned with the later 4 Armoured Workshop initially formed in Hannover in the late 1940s. I believe the introduction refers to the earlier 4 Armoured Brigade Workshop which was in the Hamburg area on VE Day. There then followed a number of reorganisations and relocations which Steve and I have yet to fully trace and record. The major problem (as you have found) is that there is no dedicated unit war diary in the WO 171 series at Kew nor unit historical record in in the subsequent WO 267 series. We therefore have had to rely on brief comments in the G biased War Diaries of Headquarters 4 Armoured Brigade, The Guards,7 Armoured and 15 Scottish Divisions and 8 Corps which tend to ignore the Logistic units.

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