My Grandad: Ronald MURPHY, Royal Air Force

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    Hi, I know next to nothing about what my grandad did in World War 2. I know that he was in the RAF and was stationed at RAF Chivenor. But that's all I know. His name is Ronald Murphy and he was born in 1922 in Liverpool. Hopefully someone can help!
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    Hi and welcome
    Easy question for me: Why do you know next to nothing, does no one in the family have his medals, letters, memorabilia, photos?
    Is Ronald Murphy his only name, or did he have any middle names?
    Presumably he's no longer with us, when did he die, and who would qualify as his (living) Next of Kin?
    RAF Chivenor was a Coastal Command base in WW2, and I'm assuming he was ground staff, did he talk to any family members about what he did?

    We can sometimes make some wonderful information appear, but the best advice is to obtain his Service Records from the MoD (you won't get them from anywhere else) for £30 which is returned if nothing found.

    Anything more you can provide will help us help you.
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