My grandad jack lane

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    This is my grandad. .don't know nothing about what he did in ww2..was wondering if anyone could identify his uniform for me please.

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    TD is right, you will need his Service Record to be 100% accurate.

    On the back there is an address for:

    P/SX 788246
    HMS Venerable
    CO GPO London

    STO stands for Stoker
    P means he was trained at Portsmouth
    S means he is a Stoker and
    X means he was a long service seaman

    CO means Care Of
    GPO means General Post Office

    HMS Venarable was a aircraft carrier in WW2 HMS Venerable (R63) - Wikipedia

    Only one problem is that the chap in the picture looks like someone who is in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC).


    Maybe he has a friend or relative in the navy?

    Hope this helps

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    Faintly make out an address 108, Tyndale Crescent, Feasey Estate? and there's a Tyndale Crescent in Great Barr, Birmingham - does that mean anything? Why write "badges, gold buttons"?..... can you make out anything else?
    Is there no one who can tell you more about Jack (John?)? No memorabilia, other photos, medals, stories anything?
    If "your" Jack Lane was born 26 July 1911, widowed mother Mary H Lane, elder sister Annie, then in 1939 Register he's shown as a car salesman and also Auxiliary Fire Service volunteer living in Sherbourne Road, Birmingham, about 11 miles from Tyndale Crescent.
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