My fathers home village

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  1. I never knew there where six people who lost there lives from my fathers home village and surrounding area , one I did know of but the five others I didn't .. It's a very very small populated area

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  3. I knew of Robert Edgar Jones , his sister in law lives up the road from me and was only speaking with her this morning , apparently he fell from or through a roof while in Italy , I'll look at those links now , interesting stuff
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    Odds on Hughes was killed in the battle for the Scottish Corridor post-Epsom.

    Densely packed target constantly hit by arty and nighttime airpower.
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  5. Just been reading up about this
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    You'd have to confirm with WDs, but LAA was frequently used to cover arty. It appears the Luftwaffe were using Ju88 etc to hit them at night, in lieu of generating serious counter-battery fire by their own guns.
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