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Discussion in 'Prewar' started by Paul Reed, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. KevinBattle

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    OK, I have to ask....
    How factual is "Two Little Boys" to WW1 and Rolf? Don't want to rain on the parade, but it seems a little too kitsch. Rolf did seem genuinely upset when referring to his Grandad and his brother Carl, but I thought that it was just because they had been separated into 2 different units. He then seemed to indicate that there had been an action at Villiers Brettoneaux (spelling?) in which they had both been wounded, with Carl dying. Am I being too cynical? Well done for donating proceeds, though Rolf!!
    I had thought, when originally released, it was about an American civil war incident....
    So, does it have any basis in fact, or is it a "romantic" fiction?
  2. Drew5233

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    I think the song was written around the late 1800's and he released the single in the 60's with no connection to his Father and Uncle's service during WW1.

    He did say his Mother (I think) told him she could never listen to the song because it reminded her of Rolf's Father and Uncle going to war and his Uncle not returning.

    Rolf said everytime I sing it from now on it will have new meaning because his father never spoke to him about what he did in The Great War.

    Knowning the charity work Rolf does with kids and his paintings I have no doubt he will paint a picture for the school he visited too.
  3. stevew

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    Best til last, well done Paul (and Peter Williams).

    Kevin, as far as I understand it 2 little boys is fiction about the Civil War, the link to Rolf, his dad and uncle is coincidence.

  4. James S

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    Have just watched the fourth part of this quite remarkable and touching series which chronicles the war as experienced by those who fought it and those who picked up the family history 90 years on.
    In the course of the remembrance coverage one voice said that there was not a family in the nation/ commonwealth ( read Empire) who did not know someone who had been killed, was wounded or had served in the Great War and that the effects of that war last until this day - how absolutely true.

    As one who felt drawn to the shared experiences of all who made their own very personnel journey I would just like to say thank you.

    Kirsty and Rolf's family history - very moving and so tragic.

    Once again my sincere thanks to those who made and took part in this series of programmes , you all have every reason to feel proud of what you have accomplished.
    (BBC should really consider making thme available as an educational package for use in schools , this has been a hugely meaningful series and for me it captured the essence of what the act of remberance is all about.)
    Truly excellent.

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    I saw all the programmes and agree that they were excellent. The last one in particular, with Rolf Harris, was very moving.

    I wonder if the BBC will consider doing something similar about the Second World War - perhaps while there are still veterans around to add their insights?
  6. Owen

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    Listening to Ken Bruce on Radio 2, he's playing Two Little Boys by Rolf.
    Guess what I'm thinking of now?

    By the way I'm biting me bottom lip.
    Just making me think of all the old Veterans I knew , who've now passed away.
    I think that is going to happen everytime I hear that bloody song now.
    Thanks Paul.....

    It's his new single released 10th November.
    On his website.

    The Rolf Harris Website: New Single Release!
  7. Shane Greer

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    I havent actually watched any of these yet but I recorded the whole series on Sky+ so will no doubt sit down one afternoon and watch them back to back.

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