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  1. Very nice Geoff its in great condition ive a major display coming up for a museum and hope to get a good lot of the kit cataloged while its out then will start to add on to site

    thanks again for your kind words

  2. Right guys you aint going to believe this the information you found helping me in the direction of the cousins I have found Hugh White the POW from WW2 he is still alive but well on in life and living in a nursing home in Canada I am at present try to establish comms to see if we will be able or willing to talk about the war and especially his cousin my uncle and may be shed some light on his death in the retreat to dunkirk and possible Le Paradis this is a major break through also I have located his younger sister living here in Northern Ireland and she has Samuels medals which ive been told is ten he served on the russian convoys and his ship was sank 3 times its amazing he survived.
    He also for the first time went to see his brothers Johns grave in Italy in 2004 and sadly in early 2005 was knocked down by a hit and run driver a shame to a guy that survived all those years at sea and being sunk as the information comes through I will add it to the about me page on my website at
    War Years Remembered; Bringing History Alive for all Generations

    again thank you to those who helped its very much appreciated

    Yours Davey
  3. RJL

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    Hi Davey,
    that's great news. Hope you are able to make comms contact.
    Sorry to hear about your previous troubles.
  4. thank you RJL
    well im getting over it i think the keeping occupieds the key
    finding research hard
    knowledge is power
    but i must admit the about me page gets a new piece every day
    thanks to guys on here again lads thank you
  5. All gone quiet on the home front
  6. Drew5233

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    Davey. Did you visit Paradis on the 27th? There was a veteran from the battalion at the cemetery on that day.

  7. von Poop

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    How had I missed your website?
    Great stuff Davey.

  8. No Andy
    sorry to say I never got
    and I am kicking myself

  9. Cheers A

    i owe alot to the guys on the forums for the research

    it shows how important these sites are

    have added new info found cousin no 5 and a few other family members

    also now have a ww2 search light to restore

    thanks for the support guys

    Andy have you seen the pic found in Aunties ref thursley camp the one in the book could be him let me know your feelings

  10. Ron Goldstein

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    A belated welcome to the forum and it is good to see how well you have settled in.

    Best regards

  11. Hello Ron

    thank you

    I dont get on as often as I like I get hooked on here reading every ones snipets im still totally infrauled by it all

    and I must say its a pleasure to meet you the vets

    as thats why I started War Years Remembered

    and my own families history as grown as well as all the vets I have met on this journey

    you were in 78 div i see

    thats were our john white served

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