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  1. oh by the way I have 2 DR bikes one done up to 40 (U) Sig regt (V)

    2 x 18 sets
    a 19 set
    38 set
    oh and a ws no9 used during dunkirk
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    Thats a fantastic website, well done! I think its great how you've presented it all.

    I've been doing something similar over the past few years researching my family's military history, I think its great that people have started doing this more and more. I guess programmes like who do you think you are? have helped a lot.
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    Try Abe books too for cheap copies :)

    Usually the reason for names on memorials is because there is no know grave more often because the body was never found.

    However at Paradis those that were massacred were buried in a mass grave in the farm grounds by locals a few days later. In 1942 or 43 the local populus exhumed the bodies and moved then to the grave yard at the back of the church at Paradis and they were possible buried in individual graves. The problem was because of two to three years of decompositionidentifing individuals was very hard and the cemetery where they are buried is very evident of this as many headstones are unmarked and have 'KNOWN UNTO GOD' ungraved on them. You can see pictures of the original mass grave, the locals exuming the bodies and their final resing place at Paradis Cemetery.

    My Parent unit was 38 Sigs but I served with 200 Sigs (20 Armd Bde) 207 Sigs (7 Armd Bde) and 97 Sigs (2 Sig Bde) on operations.
  4. Thank you James
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    Davey something you may not have seen before from the CWGC Site:

    Towards the end of May 1940 the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment were stubbornly holding Le Paradis and the neighbouring hamlets of Le-Cornet Malo and Riez-du-Vinage against overwhelmingly superior forces, trying to block the enemy's road to Dunkirk. On May 27th, their ammunition expended, and completely cut off from their Battalion and Brigade Headquarters, 97 officers and men of the 2/Royal Norfolks surrendered to No. 4 Company of the 1st Battalion of the 2nd S.S. Totenkopf (Deathshead) Regiment. They were disarmed, marched into a field, mowed down by machine-guns, finished off by revolver shots and bayonet thrusts and left for dead. By a miracle two of them escaped death, and were hidden and succoured for a short time by the people of Le Paradis. Later they became prisoners of war, and ultimately returned home to set in motion the wheels of justice which, on January 28th 1949, brought to the gallows the German officer who gave the command for this massacre. A day or two after the atrocity the local people, under orders from the Germans, buried the dead where they lay. In 1942, however, the bodies were exhumed and moved into the part of Le Paradis churchyard which is now the war cemetery. Other casualties were brought from scattered graves in the area. There are now over 150, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, nearly a third are unidentified and two soldiers whose graves could not be precisely located are commemorated by special memorials, inscribed "Buried near this spot".
  6. Thanks mate mmmmmmmmmmm
    the plot thickens
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    And ref where your man is remembered from the same site:

    During the Second World War, Dunkirk was the scene of the historic evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from France in May 1940. The DUNKIRK MEMORIAL stands a the entrance to the Commonwealth War Graves section of Dunkirk Town Cemetery. It commemorates more than 4,500 casualties of the British Expeditionary Force who died in the campaign of 1939-40 or who died in captivity who were captured during this campaign and who have no known grave. The memorial was designed by Philip Hepworth. The engraved glass panel, depicting the evacuation, was designed by John Hutton.
  8. ref books found last stand

    cant find

    at the sharp end

    would it have bayonet battle in front of it cheers davey
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  10. Ok Andy books on order thanks for the guidence and help

    cheers Davey
  11. 6979985 Fusilier Hugh White
    served with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
    Was taken Prisoner of War
    (POW number 17186)
    Camp type Stalag Camp number 344
    Location Lambinowice, Poland

    ok can any one give me any other information on my family member

    thank you davey
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    Stalag 344 was also referred to as Stalag VIIIB at Lamsdorf, near Breslau - now Wroclaw in Poland after the 1945 border changes.

    There are some red cross reports and POW stories on Mark Hickman's POW site:

    Stalag VIIIB - Pegasus Archive POW site

    In my experience the Red Cross reports can be incredibly detailed.

    If you have his POW number and you are a descendant you should be able to obtain some details from the International Red Cross:

    ICRC POW archives
  13. Thanks James apprecxiated this is amazing
  14. any one any idea how to trace royal navy personell
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    any one any idea how to trace royal navy personell

    Depends what era they are from - up to 1920ish you can access their records from the National Archives website. After that the records are still held by the MOD, if you have a look at the UK Veterans Agency website they have links on there. You have to be a next of kin or have their permission - all the info is on the Veterans Agency website.

    There are some other leads - if a sailor died they will be on the CWGC list, and there are some casualty lists on There are also websites about some ships such as Hood and Royal Oak with crew lists on too.
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    Ooopps :unsure:
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    haha what a place this is... people falling over each other to help ;)
  19. Thanks guys his name is John White aka Jack Royal Navy WW2
    and Samuel McBrinn RN WW2

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