My book-buying "problem"

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Chris C, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. von Poop

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    Not much wrong with the old Profile series. (There are hardback compilations of them out there if memory serves.).
    'Battle Tanks' is/are worth having, but they're compilations of Ospreys, so if you've several on the covered subject & aren't just looking for handiness, maybe have a look before buying.

    Shouldn't really be in the 'buying' thread as it just arrived for review, but this is the main book chat now. Up my street so far:
  2. von Poop

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    'Red Machines' looks an interesting series.
    Hopefully further evidence of 'specialist' armour books diversifying from the same old same old panzer stuff.

    And I now wish to know what the Philippine Scout Car mystery might be.
    Back to Google I go...
  3. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    Right - what I just got is a hardcover compilation of AFV Profiles, of British vehicles from the 1920s and 30s! It has a lot of coverage but is noticeably lacking in anything about the A9, A10, or A13.

    I can see now that the "slow motion suspension" was actually pretty good in that prior to it a lot of tank suspensions were not very good at providing the smooth ride desired for firing on the move.
  4. Orwell1984

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    Good indeed. One of the authors is James Kinnear who wrote this book:

    Their T-60 book was also worth it too.

    And decent reviews here:

    They're more technical and development books than operational histories but the operational side isn't completely left out.
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  5. von Poop

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    You say that like it's a bad thing...
    Oh dear. And they look like the sort of thing that's only going to get more expensive eventually. Hmmm.
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  6. Orwell1984

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    And that is an astute observation. It's how I rationalized my purchase. ;)
  7. Rich Payne

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    I'd never buy any book that spells 'Armour' without the 'U'.
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  8. Juha

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    I liked Jones' book very much.
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