My book-buying "problem"

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    Actually it's meant to be the "long s". English used to have both a long and a short s with now long abandoned (and not clear) grammatical rules as to when one or the other was used. pronunciation .was the same. The long s was written like an f with a long tail and the bar did not go through but only stuck out to the left. This was too fiddly for printers who often just used an f. The long s was abandoned in Britain in the 2nd half of the 18th century but retained for a while in America which is why the US constitution is full of them although not always used consistently
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    I don’t know why, but I’ve always found the use of the “f” for the “s” rather endearing.
    Very interesting, you live and learn. Thank you very much.

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    I errored in my ways today and stopped at the local flea market, where there is a vendor who sells books gleaned from estate sales.

    I was weak, again.

    I bought Battleship Bismarck, A Survivor's Story by Baron Burkard von Mullenheim-Rechberg, 1980, United States Naval Institute.


    Frozen Rainbows. by M. Bedford Davis, MD., 2003, Meadowlark Publishing

    The first is fairly self explanatory. The second are the memoirs of a US medical officer in the Northwest European campaign. Looking at the chapter titles, I am assuming he was with the First Army. I am hoping that I enjoy them both.

    Last week I was milling around in another bookstore and found With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge. I bought it because I had noticed that i did not own a copy, but thought I had read it in my youth. Well, i was wrong. I finished it two days ago and I can certainly understand why it is held in such high regard. It is one of the best first person accounts I have read (and I have read a lot) and understand why so much of it was used to develop the screen play for HBO's The Pacific.

    I highly recommend it.
    10/10, Will Read It Again.
  4. papiermache

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    I echo your recommendation concerning " With The Old Breed". I bought a second-hand copy of the 1990 Oxford University Press edition last month.
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    With The Old Breed is superb, I agree. Another great account, and well worth a read, is Robert Leckie’s Helmet For My Pillow, similarly used, of course, for The Pacific.

    My personal choice, however, remains Eugene Sledge. I could not put it down.

    I also keep meaning to get hold of Chuck Tatum’s Red Blood, Black Sand but have not got round to it yet and I am probably a bit “over booked” at the moment! :D
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  6. Tom OBrien

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    Saw this recently and, of course, couldn't resist! A 56 Inf Div Field Ambulance veteran.

    Blood and Bandages cover.png

    Just flicked through so far, but looks interesting.


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    One thing that bothers me now in my middle age is that he lived not too far away from me. Easily could have been a day trip, with time to spare, for me to meet him. I wished I had taken the opportunity to at least correspond with him, or if he was willing, to talk to him directly.
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  8. Wobbler

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    I guess life’s too short to have too many regrets, but I know what you mean.

    He hailed from Mobile, if I recall correctly.
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  9. von Poop

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    Not half bad for less than a tenner.
    Very well-illustrated effort at gazetteering every vehicle.
    Not a technical history at all, really. More nicely reproduced photos with extensive captions.

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  10. Orwell1984

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    Agree. I found it an interesting little book on another armoured rarity.
  11. Richelieu

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    Just leaving this here...


    P.S. I appreciate that this is not PC but in my defence it is a historic document.
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  12. stolpi

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    :moose: Oh no ... Canadian humor for sure !!
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  13. canuck

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    “To be a book-collector is to combine the worst characteristics of a dope fiend with those of a miser.”

    Robertson Davies
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  14. Slipdigit

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    He was from the Portable City. He was a professor at University of Montevallo until 1990. Don't know if he drove back and forth, but Montevallo is a good distance from Mobile.

    Regardless, either one is close.
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  15. AB64

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    I had a similar feeling about 10 years ago when I picked up a local paper and read about the death of John McEwan who wrote "Out of the Depths of hell" about his time as a Japanese POW - I had read it and knew he had grown up about a mile from me but assumed he had already passed away - when he died he was still about a mile away and I wished I had known so I could have made contact, hopefully to meet and chat but at the very least to thank him for his service and his book.
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  16. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    I'm quite sure that many of us have that regret. There are several veterans who I wished I had spoken to or in more depth before they passed on. I put some of that down to the youthful illusion that they would always be there.
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  17. bamboo43

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    I just missed meeting the one man who was captured with my grandfather in May 1943 and who survived his time as a POW in Rangoon Jail. All the others (four) perished in the prison. I have made contact with all the other families over the last 10 years, but missing Leon is a great regret.
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  18. Orwell1984

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    Two trickle ins today:


    Both look promising
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  19. AB64

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    I'd strongly recommend When Dragons Flew, after the talk of veterans we didn't meet I'm glad to say that many of the veterans featured I did have the honour of meeting, my first copy (I now have 3 different versions) has about 20-30 Border autographs, unfortunately only 1 is still alive
  20. von Poop

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    Attack Warning Red's a fascinating book.
    My father's got the edition that goes right up to the stand-down. (He was in until the strange post-reorganisation rump of the Corps & it's final death throes. Seems everybody bought it).
    I may steal it from him one day. :unsure:
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