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    On another thread, someone asked for help in deciphering an entry in one of their relatives Army Record sheets.

    Writing as someone who has chosen to publish all his own records (see the photos on my personal page) it did occur to me that at some indeterminate date in the future someone might similarly want to know what a particular entry actually meant on my own records and so for their benefit I give, once again, an explanation here.

    Lew's Diary
    GUELMA, North Africa
    Got up in the morning to find I was on two charges, one for not being on morning parade and two, being absent at lights out. I went before The O.C. Major Mouland and was remanded until tomorrow. Capt. Stern then gave us a new wireless truck, a Bedford, which Ted, Ron & myself cleaned and camouflaged black, green and brown. Today was the first time I've worked so hard for some time.

    Lew's Diary.
    Carried on cleaning the truck as we heard we were leaving any day now. During the morning I was called into the 'orderly room' to have my charge read again. Luckily enough, after making a few excuses I was admonished. After that I carried on the rest of the day camouflaging our truck, by the end of the day I felt really tired.

    This is typical Lew !!!!!

    Please pay attention .

    We both went out into town to the same bar.
    We both missed the evening's Roll Call
    We both were "up before the C.O"
    BUT...... Lew spun him a yarn and was "admonished"
    I lost a total of 8 days pay......
    Is there no justice in this world ?

    19/6/43 Ron: Deprived 7 days pay and forfeits 1 days pay for being AWOL for 7 hrs 35 mtes (Guelma)

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    Giving this thread a bump simply because of it's historical importance.

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    Ron, I was reading a war diary for the 7th RNF yesterday and came across this as a regular occurance.

    What I wanted to know was how the officers treated this crime. How did they soak to you? Did they just rattle through it in a deadpan fashion or did they make it known they were disappointed in you?
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    I wouldn't like to guess how many of us were charged on that same day for the identical offence but I do remember that we were marched in "Left Right Left Right ! " fashion in very quick time and that Major Mouland hardly looked up as he doled out our communal punishment.

    The real joke is that it is only in the last few years that Major Moulands children wrote to me to say that they had seen my articles about their dad on the internet.

    When I offered to tone down my comments about him they wouldn't hear of it saying that's how they remembered him :)


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