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    Not inspired by this thread - just pure luck - I finally acquired this:

    Unfortunately, the publisher DG&P has ceased trading fairly recently. The British Mule Society who 'commissioned' it may well have a pallet or two of them stashed somewhere but I had no response from them to an enquiry a while back.
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    Anything inside on the use of mules in Italy?

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    Anything inside re parachuting mules into Burma and how the technique was developed?
  4. idler

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    There's about 30 pages specifically on Sicily and Italy.
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    Is it anthologised from their journal?

    And, to add to the list, does it have anything about Cassino or 4th Indian?

    Edit: sorry, I see now that you've said there's an Italy section.
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    Mules in Northern Italy with 67th Field Regt seem to have been used by Indian Muleteers.
    I thought I had a photo of them with their packs but they are not close enough to see anything useful. Sorry!
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    Hi Idler
    Talk about going round in circles. That looks like a properly bound version of the spiral bound book that I have that I mentioned in the very first post in this thread! Interesting that so many people are keen on mules!
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    I believe it's all the same source material, but which is the original edition, I'm not sure.
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    Interesting. I wonder if it mentions my relation (Major Douglas Witherington) who developed the technique.
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    A bit:


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    Gosh! Amazing and detailed information. I'll be telling mum (Douglas's cousin) in the next few days. This has confirmed a bit of family history. Sincere thanks for posting.
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    Might be some further info or paperwork in the form of the full letter referred to by the author. You have a lead there SDP.
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  14. Great - I will try to find it on ABE books and through inter-library loan. Our librarians always appreciate a challenge!

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