MT 32 D-Day Landings.

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    I'm looking on the extreme chance someone might have a photo of MT 32 named 'Fort St Croix'.
    My father and his unit 1611 Artillery platoon (heavy) RASC embarked on her at Tilbury docks, on June 5th 1944.
    She then sailed down the estary and anchored off Southend, to meet up with other ships.
    On the 6th June she sailed from Southend passing through the straights of Dover she was shelled by german shore batteries,no damage or casualties.
    She anchored off the Normandy beaches on the 7th of June. On the 9th of June vehicles and personnel started to disembark and were landed on Juno beach.

    I would be mighty pleased if anyone has a photo of her. thankyou.

    Fort ship - Wikipedia

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    Naval Force 'L'
    Third Flight
    These seven ships will remain at the loading berth until the personnel embark on ‘Y’ Day.
    Fort Wallace MT34 Main Dock Berth 32 Fort
    Matthew T Goldsboro MT17 East Branch Berth 18 Liberty
    John E Sweet MT19 East Branch Berth 20 Liberty
    Cyrus H K Curtis MT18 East Branch Berth 23 Liberty
    Fort St.Croix MT32 Centre Branch Berth 12 Fort
    Hannibal Hamlin MT13 Centre Branch Berth 13 Liberty
    Will Rogers MT27 Centre Branch Berth 15 Liberty
    First Flight will commence loading at 0800 on 25th May and complete loading pm 26th May.
    Second Flight will commence loading at 0800 on 27th May and complete loading pm 28th May.
    Third Flight will commence loading at 1300 on 30th May and complete loading midday 1st June.
    There is a note: ‘Put back all actual loading times 96 hours.’

    No photo as yet
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    Great stuff well-done TD.

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    There is a post-war photo of the s.s Fort St Croix in Transports of Delight. A Google search for Fort ships will bring up the site
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    The National Maritime Museum has a photograph of the Fort Yukon NMM P22756. It looks like a D-Day photograph as I can see the MT number on the side of the wheelhouse, but I can't make out what the number is. I have been trying to search their catalogue, but had no success; it is always possible that they would have MT32. That said they were all sisters, so a decent print of the above photo would give you an idea what they were like - very basic ships!
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    Thanks Roy,
    Had a look at the web-site you mentioned in post #4 and theres a nice photo of the ship shown.

    FORT TYPE SHIPS - Paul Johnson

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    Here's the diary covering the above landing. Written by Capt Mc Whinnie, you may need to click on the image to improve reading.
    I'm not sure which section of beach (Juno) he landed on,? or by which vessel.? I am assuming it was a LCT type.
    The diary notes, 10th June moved from assembly area "knee" to CRASC 3 Can Div admin area.
    Any help appreciated.

    june1.jpg june1stpage2.jpg

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