Movements of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders in August 1944

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    Does anyone have a copy of the war diaries for the Queen's own cameron highlanders of Canada and Scotland for August/September 1944? I want to know their movements.
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    yes and a brief history of the canucks.

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    Regarding the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada for September 1944, the war diaries for its superior command, 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade, are located here:

    War diaries : T-12000 - Héritage
    and here:

    War diaries : T-12001 - Héritage

    You can extrapolate back on the first link if you want the August 1944 war diaries for 6th Brigade.

    You should be able to find the movements of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders from the 6th Brigade war diaries.
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    I assumed that these would be digitized on, but that doesn't seem to be the case, does it? There are infantry division and infantry brigade WDs but not battalions?
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    Canadian Camerons History Aug-Sept 44

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    The problem regarding Heritage Canadiana posting infantry battalion war diaries lies in the fact that these diaries have never been microfilmed. The site has only posted files that have been microfilmed. When my colleague was photographing, war diaries at the LAC a number of years back, they always tried to pawn off the microfilm versions and he had to make a special request to see the original. That was not the case with the infantry battalions. He always got the original since there was no microfilm version. It seems odd to me that they have never done the infantry since I imagine they are among the most requested.
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    If you check the LAC search engine, you will see that there are no reel numbers for the infantry battalions.
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    I'm searching the war diary on September 1944 of the 5th Bat. of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (51 Highlander Division)
    Thanks for your assistance
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