Motorised shed hits 100mph to break speed record at Pendine Sands

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    I've had a few that would do a 130mph in my life

    A souped-up motorised shed has broken its own land speed record on a Welsh beach as it hit 100mph.

    The Fastest Shed smashed its previous 80mph (129km/h) record for the fastest shed at a land speed event at Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire on Saturday.

    Owner Kevin Nicks said it was "marvellous" to hit 101mph (160 km/h) in what he said was the only road legal motorised shed in the world.

    "It couldn't have gone better, I'm so happy," said the 53-year-old gardener.

    Mr Nicks, from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, spent more than £13,000 creating his bespoke shed on wheels, which now boasts a turbo-charged 400 brake horsepower engine that is more powerful than many sports cars.

    Shed hits 100mph to break speed record
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    Obviously he based the design on the 1970's model of the Transit. The original 'shed on wheels'.
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    Wood is an underappreciated material for automotive design.

    cedar-rocket_26_ahdr7.jpg wood.jpg woodcar.jpg wood1.jpg
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    I'm about to buy a new shed, I'll have to go back and check my dimensions now.
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