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    Records show that, towards the end of the war, my uncle was driving 'motor buses' for RASC. I assume that this would be for transporting troops in the build up to D day, moving 'walking wounded' or even POWs. Does anyone have any idea why RASC would be using buses, otherwise, please?
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    Hello Clive,

    Thanks for this info. Obviously a huge logistical problem.

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    The used of civilian type buses and coaches occurred at the start of the war rather than towards the end. The creation of 32 motor coach companies was intended to move troops quickly - each company had the capability of moving an infantry battalion. By 1942/3 these units were converting from buses and coaches to 4x4 Bedford QLR lorries which were capable of carrying troops in "off-road" conditions where buses couldn't go. At this point they were re-designated from motor coach companies to troop carrying companies.

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