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    I pick up SOMETIMES a pattern that reminds me of a tune but when I'm actually trying to remember and type out, sadly I'm so slow that a familiar tune is so dragged out to be painful and devoid of any recognition

    I am sidetracked sadly, at home, so apologies for delay in reply

    Just reading of the real Alice and her sons, 2 (of 3) of whom died as officers in WW1

    Alice had been admired by Leopold, the hemophiliac son of Victoria, who sounded a really interesting intelligent man but Victoria refused to countenance a commoner marriage

    She married a Reginald Hargraves who had a beautiful estate near Lyndhurst in the area of The New Forest but who seemed to just passively sell off bits of the estate to live on until he died in 1926

    She lived until 82 in 1934 and was a bit of a grumpy recluse and mean with her servants The house was pulled down relatively soon after.

    Her son Alan Hargraves brought home a young woman he wanted to marry. Alice said NO and Alan went off to WW1 to die a bachelor

    The other son to die was Leopold Reginald (Rex) who was also KIA

    The surviving son Caryl, lived at home until 40ish and then brought home the woman he loved, a widow with 2 children, but again, Alice rejected her

    Caryl defied her and her only grandchild, a daughter, carried on her line and that daughter had a daughter she named Alice and maybe 2 more children?

    It's not WW2 chat but it is a post script for anyone who never thought to check what happened later in life, to the Real Alice

    Alice sounds like she became a bit of a dragon!
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