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    Can anyone please tell me what the correct rank and decorations were for Monty at the time of the October 1942 Alamein battles? I'm thinking its 'Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Montgomery, DSO', but would like confirmation from someone who knows their North African onions!

    Any help greatly appreciated ...


  2. Tom Canning

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    Nearly Correct as Monty was not a SIR at that time but later in Tunisia -had been a corps commander in the Uk and so was Lt General - then promoted to full General as he entered Tunisia - at Medenine March

    '43 then Field Marshal in September '44 when Ike took over the leadership of the field armies - then GIGS in 1946 - 48……had too many honours to remember

    them all- them's my onions but probably get an argument

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  4. Staffsyeoman

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    At El Alamein?

    Lt. Gen. Bernard Montgomery CB DSO (CB 1940, as Maj Gen, GOC 3 Div; DSO 1914 as Maj. Royal Warwickshire Regiment)

    On 31 Dec 42:

    Lt Gen Sir Bernard Montgomery KCB DSO (KCB Nov 42)
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  5. Skip

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    Thanks very much for clearing that up ... and no arguments Tom! (Cheers for the expert opinion).

    Very much appreciate the three of you getting back to me ...


  6. Skip

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    Can anyone tell me Monty's formal title, with post-nominal medals, would have been when he accepted the Luneberg Heath surrender on 4 May 1945? I'm thinking:

    Field-Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery, DSO

    However, I'm not 100% sure and different publications give different versions

    Very grateful for the definitive answer ...


  7. Skip

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    One 'L' on Marshal obviously!
  8. RemeDesertRat

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    ignore: posing gobbledygook as usual.
  9. Staffsyeoman

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    Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery KCB DSO.

    Wasn't advanced to GCB (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath) until the June 45 Birthday Honours
  10. Skip

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    Spot on - many thanks indeed Staffsyeoman

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