Monte Porchia 3-9 January 1944 - German self-propelled guns

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  1. My name is Valentino Rossetti and I am the webmaster of the site .
    I have collaborated with Marion J. Chard in relation to the 1108th US Engineer Combat Group presence in Italy (

    I am conducting a research about a unit of German self-propelled guns that fought at Monte Porchia in the days between 3 and 8 January 1944 (just the days when the 48th US Engineer companies were called to operate as infantry to give help to the conquest of this position).
    The German unit was named (in German) 2.Batterie SturmGeschutz Abteilung 242 and was equipped with 75 mm guns.
    There are some photographs that show some of these S.P. guns, hit or broken, taken January 9, 1944. The shooting location is generally referred to as "San Vittore area" but it is almost certain that it is near Monte Porchia (also included in the San Vittore area).
    Photo list: monte-porchia.

    Do you have any informations / photos that help me to identify the location of this unit in those days?

    Greetings and thanks for the help you can give me.
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    Hi Valentino,
    It's quite possible that someone here may be able to help you but as they were facing US troops, you should also post your question on They are our sister forum and lean more towards US forces while we are more British/Commonwealth.
  3. Thanks, I'll do it.
    I posted here because Mount Cedro and the areas adjacent to N-E were occupied by the British and I am convinced that the German anti-tank guns unit approached the front on this side.
    However also placed on the other forum.

    ps Mount (colle) Cedro is next to Mount Porchia
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  5. Yes thank you, I know him; but perhaps it comes to conclusions that should be better investigated.
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    Which British units do you believe were in the area at the time?
  7. It is not that I believe it, see the text and the map. This is the 138th and 139th Brigade of the X British Army.

    from: FIFTH ARMY HISTORY, 16 November 1943 - 15 January 1944 - pagg. 54, 55




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    I have a lot of those unit's war diaries at home (I am away at the moment) so I will look for you. If I don't have them I will be in Kew in the next couple of weeks and will get them then.

    BTW "you believe" is just a British turn of phrase...I wasn't doubting you. :)
  9. Thanks a lot.
    My hypothesis that perhaps English units may have "met" German SP guns is based on the fact that I believe the Stug242 unit has approached the front from the west. I repeat, it is a hypothesis, but I am covering them all.
    I understood the meaning of your previous post. ;)
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    6 Lincoln's report on the failed 138 Brigade attack:


  11. No german SP guns in this report. :blank:
    Thanks anyway.
    Absolutely interesting document, I had never read British info on these days.

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