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    Hi Everyone,

    Next week I will be travelling through Italy and will visit the Montecchio War Cemetery, where my grandmother's brother, private Joseph Harold Weaver of the Cape Breton Highlanders is buried.

    According to the research I have done, on the day he was killed in action (Sept 1st, 1944), his regiment was occupying Monte Marrone, which is a few kilometers north of Montecchio. That morning, his regiment and some tanks of the New Brunswick Hussars came under artillery fire which lasted intermittently until afternoon. I can only assume that he was killed by some of that fire.
    The source of the above info was Slaney's 'The Breed of Manly Men", Nicholson's 'Offical History of the Canadian Army in WWII' and some Canadian war reports that are available online.

    If anyone has any information on the Highlander's activities on Monte Marrone, please let me know. Also, if you have any tips on anything to see in and around Montecchio related to the breaking of the Gothic Line . Unfortunately, I don't have too much time. I'm travelling with my girlfriend and while she is also interested in paying respects at the cemetery and seeing Monte Marrone, she doesn't want to spend the whole day exploring war sites. Nevertheless, I plan to get up early on the morning we are in Montecchio to do some exploring of my own.

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    Montecchio is not too far from the River Foglia - which was alleged to be the real GOTHIC line - but it was unfinished so

    Hoffmeister - GOC of 5th AD took advantage to push over the river to go as far as he could - this was Mt Marrione - the Bretons had

    crossed the Foglia between Montecchio and Osterio Nuova- whereas we - 21st Tnk Bde in support of 1st Div crossed between Osterio and

    Borgo Santa Maria and we headed towards Pozzo Alto…

    The Bretons gave way to the Irish regiment and BC Dragoons to take Tomba de Pesaro( now Tuvalu where the Cdn memorial is) and we

    pushed on to Pieve where we started the dash to Rimini to be held at the Coriano Ridge for the next three weeks as all their best wa

    waiting there for our month of Hell…

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    ` Eric

    While you are at Montecchio Cemetery - you might have a look for L/Cpl R.O.E. Spratt of the 145th RAC who was our first killed
    at the Gothic Line when his tank was hit by a panzerfaust on the 28th August '44- he was 21…

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    Thanks for the info. And yes, I will look for Lance Cpl Spratt while I'm there.

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    With Tom's help I conducted a tour of the Gothic Line last year. The Memorial at Tavullia is the only one in the area.
    If you are carrying a GPS, the coordinates for the Memorial are 43.901302 12.747990.

    The Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies produces guide books. The one to buy is The Canadian Battlefields in Italy: The Gothic Line and the Battle of the Rivers by Eric McGeer. ISBN 978-1-926804-07-1.

    If you have time, a drive to Ortona is a must see. Excellent museum in the center of town.

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    Tom recommends a book on the Italian Campaign. " The D-Day Dodgers. The Canadians in Italy, 1943-45 by Daniel Dancocks.
    ISBN 0-7710-2544-0


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