Mohmand Campaign India 1935

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    Wife's Grandad was in the 1933 Mohmand campaign.
    Also NW Frontier in '35.
    Clasps on his IGSM here.

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    And it appears that there was also a 1934 Mohmand campaign. The Pathans seemed to regard it as almost a regular sporting event. The 6 Nations with bullets and everyone can join in.
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    Alexander and Auchinleck were involved, who later became famous; I note the only artillery unit was an Indian Army one. See: Mohmand campaign of 1935 - Wikipedia Without digging "Bill" Slim was there too I think.

    A historian T. Moreman has a book on frontier warfare 'The Army in India and the Development of Frontier Warfare, 1849-1947' and his original thesis is available online via Kings College London. A shorter article is on: Frontier Warfare 1914-1939
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    According to Ronald Lewin's biography Slim: The Standardbearer : a Biography of Field-Marshal the Viscount Slim - pages 56 - 58, Slim spent 1934 -1936 as an instructor at Camberley. Slims own work Unofficial History describes his participation in the Panch Pir punitive expedition in Waziristan but that was a decade earlier.
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    • Official History Of Operations On The North-West Frontier Of India 1920-1935 is available in a reprint edition which in turn is available as part of an online book on the Ancestry owned pay website fold3
    Fold3 link is Official History of Operations on the NW Frontier of India (located in International/Military books/India). Consists of 2 books. (links also provided in the Fibiwiki pages above)

    Fold3, usually a pay website, is currently FREE. (Friday 22 May, 2020) due to a military related public holiday in USA next Monday.
    Free period lasts, according to the website, until next Monday. Last year, and perhaps this year, the free period lasted until the end of Tuesday, Greenwich Mean Time.

  8. "due to a military related public holiday in USA next Monday"

    Just a quibble and the reason that Fold3 offers free access:
    Memorial Day is the date the US recognizes its military dead.

    Like saying Remeberance day is "some military related holiday"

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