Moh: Rising Sun, Frontine And Cod: Finest Hour

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by British Lad, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. British Lad

    British Lad Junior Member

    Okay my PC is in a bit of a crappy state so I fancy buying and playing a few gamecube games, The thing is I love games based on the second world war and the current war game available for the cube are:

    MOH: rising: I have heard a few bad things about this game but I don't know much else about it

    MOH: frontine: This one interests me because it has levels based on operation market garden and it's cheaper

    COD: Finest Hour: I don't know much about this one either

    What do you guys think of them?
  2. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Personally I like MOH Frontline on PS2. The graphics are good, and the Arnhem scenarios are among the best. MOH Rising Sun is okay, but ends rather suddenly in my opinion. I also have COD Finest Hour, but have not had much of a chance to play that yet. Having it on PC, the graphics are not as good and put me off a bit.

    Hope that helps!
  3. zander

    zander Junior Member

    i have MOH:frontline and the graphics are a mess!!
    especially in the level with the d-day,which was the reason i took this game, there are the worst graphics in 3 game than i ever seen in the past 3 years!
    Generally all the sceney at that level is a mess.After i finished that stage,i quit it and i started moh:breakthrough,which ,the basic enemy is the italians.

    I dont have cod:finest hour,but i have seen its graphics...
    To make you understand,the graphics are so good as HALF LIFE 2 graphics.But if you still dont understand what i mean i will describe this cod with one word

    By the way,how much cost you the gamecube?
    Here costs 99 euros.
  4. blacksheep

    blacksheep Member

    Go with Cod the better game.

  5. MaryFM

    MaryFM Junior Member

    I have played all the MOH games on PS1 & PS2 and am looking forward to the new one in the summer.

    I too thought Rising Sun ended rather suddenly and so did my daughter's boyfriend when he played it recently. As this game series progresses it's good to see the attention to detail and character extra's they have added, in Rising Sun the first time a enemy soldier came running at me with his bayonet that did startle me for a second I didn't quite expect that Though a different game I am currently playing MSG Snake Eater and there it's the attention to detail and the character extra's that help to make games interesting.

  6. Briant8967

    Briant8967 Junior Member

    has any1 played Road to hill 30 something? or something like that.
  7. StalingradK

    StalingradK Junior Member

    Ok, every Pacific Theater WWII game has sucked so far :(.

    MoH:Frontline is a so-so game, a game if you want to be the hero, star of the show.

    MoH:Rising Sun was the biggest MoH dissapointment to date

    Call of Duty:Finest Hour is a great FPS, you will not be dissapointed, the only head part is getting through Acheon, took me like 25 trys. I like the CoD series because you don't feel like a commando war hero, but part of a war. Finest Hour is the worst of the CoD games, but best for console wise. Maybe you want to wait for CoD 2:The Big Red One to come out?
  8. Lt. Winters

    Lt. Winters Member

    I think that youd be better off with CoD because frontline was a bit of a let down for me and I dont know much about Rising sun.
  9. SGTJaCoB

    SGTJaCoB Junior Member

    I think that MOH frontline is a disgrace. When you shoot a german sometimes they spin aroed ofund and die and as soon as I saw that I never played again and the graphics stink and its really unrealistic
    I dont have a problem with MOH rising sun its pretty good
    But the game that you NEED is COD duty finest hour it blows away the other games

    But in my opinion you should get Brothers in Arms it is the best ww2 game I ever played
  10. SGTJaCoB

    SGTJaCoB Junior Member

    Sorry for the spelling error in the first sentence i ment "they spin around and

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