Modern British regiments.

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  1. Owen

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    I've completely lost track of what Regiments are left in the Modern British Army.

    Can anyone post a complete list of what Infantry & Cavalry Regiments there are.

    It's a query I ought to know, isn't it?
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    1 (UK) Armoured Division

    [​IMG] Deployable division based in Germany

    2 Division

    [​IMG] Administrative division for north of England & Scotland

    3rd (UK) Division

    [​IMG] Deployable division based throughout the south of England

    4th Division

    [​IMG] Administrative division for the south of England

    5th Division

    [​IMG] Wales, the Midlands and the South West

    6th Division

    [​IMG] Deployable Headquarters based in York

    HQ Northern Ireland & 38 (Irish) Brigade

    [​IMG] Transitional headquarters based in Lisburn

    HQ Theatre Troops

    [​IMG] Commands 'essential capabilities' troops

    HQ London District

    [​IMG] Based at Horse Guards in London

    UK Support Command Germany

    [​IMG] Support to 1 (UK) Armoured Division
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    Sorry for the mess Admin but I seem to be having a bit of trouble cut and pasting. Feel free to tidy it up if you can......I hate PC's etc etc etc :(
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    1 (UK) Armoured Division

    4th Mechanized Brigade

    7th Armoured Brigade

    20th Armoured Brigade

    2 Division Brigades:

    15 Brigade (North East)

    42 Brigade (North West)

    51 Brigade (Scottish)

    Catterick Garrison

    3 (UK) Division Brigades:

    1st Mechanised Brigade

    12th Mechanised Brigade

    19th Light Brigade

    52nd Infantry Brigade

    4th Division Brigades:

    2 South East Brigade

    145 Home Counties

    43 Wessex Brigade

    Aldershot Garrison

    British Military Garrison- Brunei

    HQ British Gurkhas Nepal

    5th Division Brigades:

    143rd West Midalnds

    16th Air Assault Brigade

    49th East Brigade

    160 Wales Brigade

    6th Division Brigades:

    Regional Headquarters:

    HQ Northern Ireland and 38 (Irish) Brigade

    London HQ District

    HQ Theartre Troops:

    1 MI Brigade

    1 Signal Brigade

    2 (NC) Signal Brigade

    2 Medical Brigade

    11 Signal Brigade

    101 Logistic Brigade

    102 Logistic Brigade
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  9. Drew5233

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    I may be wrong here but I would guess the London Regt was a amalgamation of Regt's like the London Scottish in previous SDR's (Cut Backs). The same has happened to other regular regiments like the forming of the Yorkshire Regiment. I was serving with the PWO's in 2004 and I've never seen so many grown men cry when it was annouced they were merging with the Dukes and Howards.

    The HAC are a Regt in there own right as far as I am aware. I've been on a few courses with guys wearing that cap badge have turned up. They seemed quite proud of their badge but a bit geeking for me to go on the lash with :)

    I think there is a independent Engineer unit too like the HAC that is TA with their own cap badge. I beleive they still survive MoD cut backs because they have the backing of city type gents with vast amounts of cash.............Almost a private army :)
  10. Owen

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    Is that the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers?
  11. Drew5233

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    Yep :D

    I can never remember the names but I remember the cap badges :lol:

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