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    My understanding of the process outlined in the FAQ document I attached above is that if you can’t get to Kew they will provide a (redacted) hard copy of the file at the usual extortionate NA copying price.

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    Thank you

    Replying here, as I have seen your answer too on the other thread

    I have had a reply back from the TNA saying there is no fee and they will process the files in 20 days

    They dont talk about visiting in that , all they say is that they will be available from 11/05/22 they also said as its a closed file there will be no fee (no death cert needed either upto now

    The MOD gave me an index number to quote TNA and they within an hour replied saying they have the files requested

    What is the charge for copying NA documents ?

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  3. Tullybrone

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    NA document copying cost depends on the number of pages to be copied.

    You need to ask them for a quote but there are members on the forum who provide a look up and copy service at a more competitive price.

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    Update from the Canadian Archives about WW2 records - although it doesn't really add anything

    "We do not yet have a timeframe for when restrictions will be lifted for the Second World War service files. There are still many living veterans, so their personal information remains protected for the foreseeable future."
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    Just a little update on the NA process for t
    To follow-up on this. The 20-day period for the first record I requested, came and went. I received an email explaining that they would not be able to provide the documents within that period and needed a 10-working day extension. That date passed last week without further contact. I emailed in follow-up and received a response today stating that due to the level of submissions, they needed another extension. I was promised a positive outcome by the end of June. I have already submitted my second request (unable to send it in the same day, as the documents had not yet been scanned in when I made initial contact) and it was indicated I would have a response by next week (which would be the end of the 20-working day deadline). I imagine that means, that one should be ready by the end of July or in August then lol. Still seems faster than waiting on the Army, and at least they are providing some sort of deadline.
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    My 10 day extension is up tomorrow, I am guessing they wont reply and I will have to chase asnd they will cite the same reasons as you

    Im sure my email said they havent heard from the MOD on wether the records can be released
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  7. SteveLunt

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    and I have had a reply just now as today is the deadline for the extension

    Please accept my apologies for the further delay, due to the incredible popularity of the project there is a minor backlog of records awaiting review. Please be assured I will be reviewing your requested record as a matter of priory and plan to contact you by 01/07/2022 with positive news.

    Once again, please accept my apologies for the delay.
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  8. Tullybrone

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    Thanks for the updates.

    Clearly a very popular process that NA staff are not currently able to address speedily.

    Wonder if they will have to start a quarterly limit for applications like Swiss Red Cross have applied to POW record applications?

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  9. BoredPanda

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    Oh no! It is just a form message. I had hoped that this was a quirky personal message from the person who would work my request, but they are just sending this to everyone it would seem.
  10. bamboo43

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    On this topic, I was just looking through the on line job website, Indeed and saw this advert. I wonder if this is related to the new WW2 service records moving over to TNA? Still paying a pittance in salary I see!!

    Cataloguing Officer- job post
    The National Archives
    Richmond upon Thames TW9

    £24,000 a year - Full-time

    Full Job Description


    Richmond-upon-Thames, London, TW9 4DU


    Contract type:

    Contract Contract

    Full time

    Cataloguing Officer (Military Records Project)
    Archives are the homes for our collective memories, past, present and future. We are the archive of the UK government, a leading national and international archive. Our ambition is to become an inclusive, entrepreneurial and disruptive digital archive, constantly adapting and reshaping archival practice.

    We are looking for a Cataloguing Officer to support our work. This is a para-professional role and does not require a postgraduate qualification.

    Based in the Cataloguing, Taxonomy and Data team, you will play an important role in cataloguing a large collection of Ministry of Defence service personnel files. Employing your excellent attention to detail and strong communication skills, you will help to ensure data quality and accuracy, mainly through examining original records and extracting relevant data. This is a unique opportunity to work on a project of unprecedented scale with records of immense historical significance.

    Join us here in beautiful Kew, just 10 minutes’ walk from the Overground and Underground stations, and you can expect an excellent range of benefits. They include a pension and flexible working, as well as discounts with local businesses (e.g. beauty salons and bars). We also offer wellbeing resources (e.g. on-site therapists) and have an on-site gym, restaurant, shop and staff bar.

    This is a Fixed Term Appointment for 36 months.
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    Another update: I was informed due to "The nature of the requested information means that we have to consult with the MOD whose opinion must be sought before a decision can be made." As a result, no deadline can now be provided. One should be rest assured that the request is still being progressed and "Due to the volume of requests there may be a delay in response to your query". Guess its back to just waiting.
  12. SteveLunt

    SteveLunt Active Member

    I got almost similiar in that they have to ask the MOD, which almost begs the question why have the MOD released the records in the first place
  13. BoredPanda

    BoredPanda Member

    That was my exact thought. I feel like the worst case scenario is a two year wait, while they send the request back to the guys in Scotland who we all know are backed up.
  14. BoredPanda

    BoredPanda Member

    Another update! I just received an email to state that my request, after consultation with the MOD, has been approved and I should receive digital copies within the next 20 working days. The request went in at the beginning of May, so it looks like a 3-month turn around for anyone interested (unless they tell me there is a delay in 20-days time :P ). The email also stated that it would be a redacted version of the document, so not sure what has been blanked out and what has not.
  15. SteveLunt

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    Wow, I think they told me 10th July, need to double check, but I will probably get the same message as you
  16. SteveLunt

    SteveLunt Active Member

    Ahhh just checked and they told me they would contact me by 1st July with positive news, well they didnt respond so it isnt positive news hah
  17. BoredPanda

    BoredPanda Member

    My "positive news" email deadline was 23 June and that new email came in yesterday. Maybe by the end of next week then, they will tell you? Assuming its all on the same kind of timescale. I have another request in, which I figure if everything goes to the same time scale I will not be seeing until the end of August. Fingers crossed! I am dying to know what these two records say so I can finally but to bed misconceptions and myths.
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  18. SteveLunt

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    Ive now just had this email for my records :) Hopefully they will send them within the 20 days

    No site viewing only digital copies, which is fine for me :)
  19. papiermache

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    Kew Annual Report 21-22 is now available to read:

    Relevant to this thread:

    Page 4: "In February 2021, we took in the first batch of historic service personnel records from the Ministry of Defence. This project will see over nine million records transferred to us over a six-year period."

    Page 11: "Despite the practical challenges posed by the pandemic, our major project to transfer historic Ministry of Defence service personnel records continues apace. Thanks to an enormous collective effort across government, we have now successfully transferred almost 2.5 million of these important historical records into our care. Those transferred so far are mainly from ex-Army personnel and overseas regiments. Our specialists have been investigating the contents of the records and we have appointed a dedicated Military Collections Researcher to unearth the diverse and previously unrepresented histories within these records, thus laying the groundwork for future projects."

    Page 12: "The past year has seen crucial expansion and investment into our Information Rights capabilities. We have doubled our Data Protection resource and incorporated a new team to manage the access process for special projects such as the Ministry of Defence service personnel records. Between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022, the Freedom of Information (FOI) Centre received over 1,000 more FOI requests than in the previous twelve months and resolved over 600 more cases."

    Page 25: "A significant driver of the variance to our allocation stemmed from difficulties in recruitment throughout the year, especially in our Digital teams – something that is currently replicated across the public sector. This led to an underspend on Staff Costs of £0.8 million."

    Page 31: "Time taken to respond to Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulation requests: 2021 to 2022 75% of enquiries responded to within statutory deadlines"

    Page 47: "Demands on storage capacity: there is a risk that the transfer of historic Ministry of Defence service personnel records, and other large record transfers places an excessive demand on storage capacity, leading to concerns regarding our longer term ability to adequately store our collection.
    Overview of controls in place during the year: We have designed and created a new repository at Kew, and have also agreed further storage capacity from Deepstore, our off-site storage contractor."
  20. SteveLunt

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    this is what they put at the end of mine

    Due to the early stages of this project, we are unable to facilitate visitors viewing records either on site or online. This is because they need to be stored, indexed and added to the catalogue before they can make their way into our reading rooms. Therefore I have arranged for copies to be digitally sent to you, unless you specifically request paper copies. We’ll aim to get these copies sent to you within 20 working days.

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