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    I am researching Lady Gwladys Brocklehurst, who 'did her bit' in WW2. She first joined the Ambulance service (American Ambulances of Great Britain) via the STS in Coventry during the blitz.

    In 1943, she, with her sister, Nina Colmore, became a tea lady for the 8th Army in the YMCA Mobile Canteen Service, following them round North Africa, through Sicily into Italy proper. Rumour has it she was amongst the first to land in Sicily. Both she and her sister were awarded MBEs for this after the war.

    I have copies of a couple of newspaper articles and a couple of photos but was wondering whether anyone else knows any more about what they and their colleagues did for the 8th Army.

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    There is NO question about the service rendered to all of us by the "Tea Ladies" and men always close to the noisy end of things by various Church organizations - quite too many to single out individually - but they were always around when they were needed

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    I know a little about Lorna Twining*, who was also a 'tea lady' in Italy, but I thought she was with N.A.A.F.I. Were they there as well, or is my information likely to be wrong?


    *No jokes about the name, please! Her first and second husbands were both killed in action. She married again after the war - and died in childbirth. Life is so unfair, sometimes.
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    Almost 11 years to the day since the last post on this thread, so sorry for the mega-bump!

    I am currently transcribing the 111th Field Regt war diaries and just got to this bit which might be of interest to some.

    21st July 1943 - South-West of Sousse
    09:00hrs - Regiment paraded to “send off” Lady Brocklehurst, Miss Colmore and Hon. Miss Dudleya North YMCA who had been attached to Regt manning a canteen since Wednesday 16th June 1943.

    Quite something to get a whole Regiment of 500+ men to parade for you!
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    I have a newspaper cutting in very poor condition sadly, of my dad queuing at a Y.M.C.A tea van in Italy where the Hon. Dudleya North is serving tea.
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    Alan you mention that you have a couple of pictures. My dad is in a newspaper clipping picture queueing at a Y.M.C.A van in Italy. He was in the 8th Army in Africa and Italy. I was wondering what photos you have as I would love to find a decent copy. Regards David 1676840547142205845453018526256.jpg
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    David, I've rotated your image and tried sharpening it up a little;

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