Mistake to leave the flanks the the Rumainans

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by EvertonRock, Apr 18, 2006.

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    The 4 Rum army was very weak,and the germans left them on their right flanks for one of their first time.To me they should spread them out into the lines.I read a book called Barbarossa by Alan Clark who says that per divison the rumainans have only 6 37mm guns for Anti-tank use which is horrible as the gun cannot even shoot through a t-34/76A.They were also using outdated French weapons.
  2. Za Rodinu

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    That's a good book, you should re-read it go get better understanding. By leaving the 4th Rom Army on the flank I think you refer to Stalingrad. Well, there simply were no more reserves left, so the Germans had to do with what they had. And it is difficult to spread units with dissimilar equipment from the rest as this creates a logistical nightmare.
  3. Gerard

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    This is what happens when you cant decide between the Caucasus and Stalingrad. You split up your Army Groups so much you expose your flanks and are forced to use whatever means necassary to shore them up. I believe the Rumanians were not bad fighters but their equipment was so outdated that it didnt make a blind bit of difference anyway.
  4. Za Rodinu

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    I agree. Not only the equipment was outdated, it was scarce too and they were badly supplied, as I don't really think the Germans put their Allies in their top priority list.

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