Mission 204 - Special Service Detachment 2

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    Thanks Richard,

    J. Harman had a very busy war, 204MM, possibly around the fringes of SSD1, Chindit 1 and then attached to the Burma Rifles on Chindit 2. Thats a man with a strong constitution and a lot of stamina.

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    Anyone who survived SSD1 and Chindits 1 and 2 must have had a strong constitution, a lot of stamina and a lot of luck.

    I am interested in Harman's connection with SSD1 and the photo on your website. Do you know where the photo was taken or the names of the others? I cannot match them to anyone in the CVA Taungyi photo.

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    Hi Richard,

    I remember you saying you read Messenger's 'Middle East Commandos'. In the photograph section there is a small image of a group of SSD1 marching on the final page 'arriving at the village of Yunan'.

    The image on my website is one of a selection of photographs from that mission that exist and I have viewed. There are some more of these photos in Fred Goode's book, 'No Surrender in Burma'.

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    Re Frank Frere.

    An entry in the Burma Army List for 1943 provides the following few details:

    ABRO 292 FRERE, Frank Born: 25/06/1896 Commissioned as 2nd Lt.: 26/12/1941 War substantive Lt., temp Captain from: 07/04/1942. Reached India after the invasion/trek.

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    Hi Vivian , I was introduced by my mother's friends to check your comment about Frank Frere , suspected to be my mother's father.
    Back home in Lampang , Thailand we have few documents and pictures about him as an employee of teak logging company Bombay Burmar corporation.
    He married with my Grandma (Boonlhong; passaway since 1973)
    He has two daughters now 74 ( my mother )and 76 years old . From what my mother understand he leaved Lampang during Japaness invasion to Kunming and passed away there . We have no idea where he was buried until now realized from you that he is finally buried in a cementary in Hong Kong.

    Pls share with us more information about Frank Frere so i can share with my mother . she is very exiting about this new information .
    May I also ask you why you have interest in seeking the information about him as well please.
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    Hi Phee,
    I am surprised and elated that you have decided to correspond about Lt Colonel Frank Frere, Army in Burma Reserve of Officers.
    As the matters that you wish to discuss are of a private nature, its best that you correspond with me off line.
    My email address is : viareng@gmail.com
    I would be happy to share what I have about Frank Frere,
    I have an interest in collecting information about Officers of the Army in Burma Reserve of Officers (ABRO - 1937 to 1947).
    I have published about the ABRO and this can be found on the ANGLO BURMESE LIBRARY web site.
    Do correspond.
    VIVRo8, Perth, Western Australia
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    Just out of curiosity was this Frank Frere born in Leicestershire, England in 1896 ?????

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    A fascinating thread to read showing much dedication to research which is a credit to all involved.

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    Hello Dicky
    Yes , he was born in Leicestershire, 1896. Parents - Sydney and Anne Frere.
    He got an MC and Bar for services in WW1 - Corporal - Royal Field Artillery - W2870, Later Lt. / Acting Capitan - 10th Bn, Tank Corps.
    ​Seems to me, he come out to Burma and Thailand (then Siam) in about the 1920's, to work in the teak extraction business, in Chennai.
    In late 1942, while in Toungyi, Burma, living with the Deputy Commissioner, he was appointed a 2nd Lt in the ABRO.
    Evacuated to Indian by walking out.
    Quickly promoted to Lt. Colonel and then dispatched to Kunming, China, in the same year.
    ​I am intrigued by this man because - few ABRO officers got to be Lt. Colonels, and also so soon in 1942 - what was he doing in Kunming and why.
    He is certainly not of Mission 294.
    But then again there was a "civil mission" headed by Phillip Forarty, Deputy Commissioner, Toungyi, that was dispatched by the Governor of Burma, to liaise with the Chinese Government.
    VIVR08 (Perth WA)
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    Birth details:
    Name: Frank Frere
    Registration Year: 1896
    Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration district: Leicester
    Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
    Inferred County: Leicestershire
    Volume: 7a
    Page: 294

    1901 England census:

    1911 England census:

    UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960 for Frank Frere:

    1925 Departure:

    1936 Departure:

    If I find anything else I will post it

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    Ththere is a Hsarman mentioned a lot in Fergal Keanes book about Kohima..where he was killed . Probably not the same one though.
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    Thanks Tricky Dicky, For the information of Frank Frere....pls share more info if you have more about him... Cheers
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    I know nothing of SSD NO 2.Brocklehurst.However,I have read somewhere? that in a war diary with regard
    to SSD 2 there was included, a list, of missing 2nd Battalion DUKE of Wellington's.Also going through
    older posts here,I see that on 15th Dec 2012 Steve, [Bamboo) mentions much the same.I really don't
    have a clue! I would really appreciate all input from our members. Thank you.Veronica.
  15. bamboo43

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    Hi Veronica,

    Are you after a copy of that roll? If so I will dig it out for you and post up on here.

  16. veronicad

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    Oh, Yes please Steve.Wonderful. Thank you.Veronica.
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    Here you go. :)

    DSC02980 copy.JPG
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    Thanks Steve, Do you know how many men were with SSP Detachment no.2? Can you suggest books I could
    read?I really know nothing at all.Veronica.
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    Hi Veronica,

    The story of SSD2 is an intriguing one. There were approximately 40 British personnel in the Detachment, which was very much a pre-cursor to the Chindit operations in its style and operational aims.

    Two books for you to read:

    No Surrender in Burma, by Fred C. Goode


    The Long Trek by John Friend

    Both these men took part in the operation and both survived, but in very different circumstances.
  20. veronicad

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    I will read both.There are forty one Dukes on the list you posted.Two names I recognize.So I can't
    believe it is going to make uplifting reading. Thank you for your quick response.Veronica.

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